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Can I ask my employer to reduce my working hours? My doctor has told me I need to work less.

You should talk to your employer if you need to reduce your working hours. If you have been with your employer for at least 26 weeks and and have not made a request for flexible working in the last 12 months you can make a formal request for flexible working. This is usually a written request saying what you would like your new hours to be and the days and times you would like to work. Your employer will consider this and get back to you with an answer and a reason if they cannot give you the working hours you would like.

If your pay is reduced due to a reduction in your working hours you should report this to HMRC if you are getting tax credits and to the council so any housing benefit and council tax reduction can be amended. Report this change in your online account if you are getting universal credit or consider making a claim for universal credit if you are not already getting it.

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