Coronavirus, Support and advice

I am a single Dad and clients I had booked in have cancelled for the duration of the Coronavirus. Apart from Universal Credit is there anything else I can apply for?

This depends on what kind of worker you are – whether you are employed, self-employed, or have a small business and what your own circumstances are, for instance, have you no work for the foreseeable, has your employer offered for you to be a furloughed worker etc. There are various schemes for workers and I would direct you to Working Families.

Working Families is an organisation giving advice and information on employment issues to parents and carers.

They have a Helpline 0300 012 0312 which is open Mon 3-5, Tues 12-2 and Thurs 12.2 but you can also email your enquiry to them.

You can also find out information on whatever set of circumstances match yours on website. Alternatively you could contact us on our Helpline 0808 801 0323 to discuss this further.

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