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Is there money I can apply for to help pay off rent arrears?

Although there is not generally money to help with rent arrears there may be ways to reduce the money you pay out every month so you would have a bit extra to pay off the arrears.

If you have debts you can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or call their helpline on 0800 028 1456 to help you reduce any debts you are paying. They may also know of other local services that may be able to help if you are struggling to pay for food or fuel. They can also tell you about any local help to pay for Christmas presents.

Home Energy Scotland can help you reduce the amount you pay for fuel by finding you better gas and electricity tariffs. You can call them on 0808 808 2282.

I know these things do not directly help with your rent arrears but they may save you some money in other areas.

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