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My child is a young carer, now that schools are closed can he claim Carers Allowance? Also now that school is closed will child Benefit stop?

Yes your son can still get Young Carer’s Allowance.  See below who can get Young Carer’s Allowance. The grant won’t affect your benefits and you can still get child benefit as long as your child is in education. The school being closed won’t affect your child benefit payments or the young carer’s allowance. He will not be able to claim regular Carer’s allowance if he is still in education.

Who can get a young carer grant?

  • You normally live in Scotland
  • You are aged 16, 17 or 18
  • You are not entitled to carer’s allowance on the day you claim
  • You are caring for someone, or for more than one person, who has a disability
  • You are providing care for at least 16 hours a week on average
  • No-one else has received a young carer grant in respect of the person you care for in the last year.

Care means being involved in an activity to promote the physical, mental or emotional well being of the person you are caring for.  You must not be providing this care under a contract or voluntarily.

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Carer’s allowance eligibility

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