My children are getting worried about all the hype in the news and school about Coronavirus, what can I say to reassure them?

The good news is that children are most likely to only have mild symptoms, and there haven’t been any deaths of young children. If your child has any underlying health issues that might make them more high risk seek advice from the specialist or GP they normally see for their health issues for advice.
Ensure your children are washing their hands properly, they might need some hand cream too if they’re hands are becoming dry or sore from washing more regularly.
Encourage them to come up with creative ways to greet friends and loved ones that doesn’t involve touching hands or faces such as a dance or elbow tapping. If the pick their nose maybe they could be distracted by a fidget toy, even a bit of play-doh or blutac can be used to play with.

Kidshealth have further information about speaking to your child. Newsround provides information that is created especially for children that will be easier for them to understand. Newsround answers key questions for children, including;
·      Worried about corona virus
·      What is social distancing?
·      Will school close? & other kids questions answered
·      Washing your phone

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