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My ex is not sticking to the agreement we made about when he see’s our daughter. He does not come to collect her when he should and when he does have her he does not bring her home on the time or day we arranged. I cannot depend on him for childcare and am worried, that when he does take her, he will not bring her back at all. What can I do about this?

When making contact arrangements between your children and their other parent it is usually best when both parents can come to an agreement together. If this is not possible or if arrangements already made are no longer working, contact can be arranged through a mediation service or a solicitor.

Relationships Scotland deliver mediation services throughout Scotland. Both you and your ex would attend an appointment with the mediator who would help you come to a suitable compromise. This agreement would not be legally binding but is usually quicker and less expensive than seeing a solicitor.

If a mediation service will not work for you then you may need to get legal advice. This is also the case if you are worried that your ex may not return your daughter to you. The Scottish Child Law Center provide advice about legal issues affecting children. They do not take on individual cases but the advice is free.

Unfortunately if your ex does not stick to the arrangements you have made you cannot force them but you can decide what you want to do. For example you can organise childcare with a registered childcare provider so you do not have to depend on your ex for this.

For more details please call the Lone Parent Helpline or see Child Contact Arrangements.

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