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My son’s Dad has been erratic over the last year in paying child maintenance but now, because of the coronavirus, has stopped altogether. What can I do?

Although we are all in the middle of the coronavirus situation, Dad is legally responsible to make child maintenance payment for his son.  Many parents at the moment have financial concerns over their employment or are not working but being paid 80% of their salary, but that is not a reason to stop payments altogether.

Ordinarily if someone has a drop in their income whether they have a family based arrangement like yourselves or are going through the CMS, their child maintenance payments can be altered to reflect that and then readjusted if/when circumstances change.  You could speak to your son’s Dad to discuss the situation but if you have no luck there you could contact the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to get the ball rolling for him paying maintenance, now if possible, but certainly when the situation improves after the coronavirus.

The number to call for the CMS is through Child Maintenance Options 0800 953 0191.

You can also go to:

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