Last updated: 22/01/2020

Through our work with single parents in Scotland over the past 75 years, we have learnt that what family’s value most about One Parent Families Scotland is that we understand what it means to be the sole carer and breadwinner in the family – juggling work, education, childcare and quality time with children.

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Support One Parent Families Scotland

The coming years will be challenging; we are facing reductions in public spending at a time when more and more single parents are pushed into poverty. We need your help along with the support of our partners and funders to carry on our vital work.

We are working to bring about the change we want to see in Scotland:

  • A future where single parents and their children are valued and treated equally and fairly.
  • Providing vital support services that enable One Parent Families to achieve their potential.
  • Helping to create lasting solutions to the poverty which has such a deep impact on the lives of so many One Parent Families.
"I wouldn’t know what to do without OPFS. Having this support has given me reasons to feel proud. I feel complete again and am thankful for the service which gave me confidence when I had none. I enjoy meeting new friends and having the time for my own self-care. I’d be lost without this service.”

- Rachel, single parent

Your donations make a real difference

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Leaving a legacy

Leaving a gift to charity in your will is a fantastic way for your generosity to last beyond your own lifetime. No matter how big or small the amount, you can be sure that a gift left to OPFS will help make a world of difference to hundreds of people.

Please email us if you would like to discuss leaving a gift to OPFS.