Help from your local Council during coronavirus

Last updated: 17/04/2020

This section has information on essential supplies and emergency support, Free School Meals and crisis grants.

Essential supplies and emergency support

The Scottish Government has set up a national helpline for vulnerable people including those with mental health issues, disabilities and health conditions who do not already come under the shielding measures. Phone 0800 111 4000 and you will be connected to your local Council and directed to support services in your area, for help with essential supplies or support. More information.

If you rent from a Housing Association, you can phone to ask for help. Many Housing Associations can provide emergency food parcels and other support. 

Most food banks are still operating so if you need to get help with food contact a support worker to make a referral for you. 

If you do not have anyone who is helping you call the Lone Parent Helpline free on 0808 801 0323.

Free school meals

Your Council should now have systems in place to transfer money, Paypoint vouchers, vouchers for Farmfood shops, or to deliver meals or food parcels to families with children who are eligible for free school meals on income-based grounds. Usually eligibility is based on eligibility for school clothing grants. Many more children will now be eligible for these and parents should apply for these online via their Council website. In some Councils, parents need to opt in to get free school meals vouchers or food; in others this is automatic. 

Your council should have a process in place to allow you to continue to receive Free School Meals. Some are delivering meals or food parcels, but most are transferring money, Paypoint vouchers or vouchers for supermarkets. You will get these if your child gets a school clothing grant. If your income has dropped, you may now be eligible for a clothing grant- apply online. 

Check your Council’s contact details here.

Crisis grants

If you need urgent help to pay for essentials like food, gas or electricity because of coronavirus, you could apply for a Crisis Grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund, through your local Council. Read more about crisis grants from the Scottish Welfare Fund.

If you need further advice, call the Lone Parent Helpline free on 0808 801 0323.