Help to apply for a Scottish benefit if you have a disability

Last updated: 20/04/2022

If you or your child are disabled, or have a long-term illness, VoiceAbility can help you apply to the Scottish Social Security for a Scottish benefit.

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Scottish benefits are:


How can VoiceAbility help?

VoiceAbility has advocates who can represent and support you when you apply to Social Security Scotland for a Scottish Government benefit. They can give you information on the benefit you want to apply for, the claiming process and can help you complete the application forms.

If you are turned down for the benefit you have applied for, VoiceAbility can help you ask for that decision to be reconsidered and support you with the appeal process if necessary.

VoiceAbility will not tell if you should or should not apply for a benefit. That decision is yours. They cannot tell you if your application will be successful.

How to apply

VoiceAbility can help if you, or a child you want to claim the benefit for, have a disability or think you have any kind of disability. They can also help if you, or a child you want to claim the benefit for, have a long-term illness. You need to be applying for a Scottish Government benefit but it does not need to be a disability benefit.

You can contact VoiceAbility yourself or a doctor, support worker or any other service you have contact with can refer you.

Apply online by clicking ‘Make a referral’ at VoiceAbility

Email –   

Phone – 0300 303 1660 and choose option 1