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When do single parents get the coronavirus vaccination?


I am furloughed from my work, and my wages will be approx £2k less this year compared to last year. Will my tax credits/working tax credit increase?

Coronavirus, Employment, Money

Is there any help can I get if I have credit card debt and money worries during the coronavirus pandemic?

Coronavirus, Money

My teenage daughter has been told to self-isolate. Will I be able to go and care for my elderly mum as she is in my extended household bubble?

Coronavirus, Health and wellbeing

My ex-partner and I share care of our children but I am concerned to return them to their mum as she works in a care home where there is COVID-19. Should I return them to her and is it safe to continue to share their care while she is working in the care home?


Is it OK for me to take my daughter to see her father who lives across the border in England? He thinks its OK but I’m not sure and don’t want to go against government guidelines.


I get child and working tax credits. Do I have to tell HMRC that I have been furloughed from work?

Benefits, Coronavirus, Money

We share care of our child 50/50 and therefore don’t pay each other maintenance. During the coronavirus our child is with me all the time. What happens with child maintenance in this situation?

Coronavirus, Money

I’ve had to self isolate and my work aren’t paying me. What should I do?

Benefits, Coronavirus, Health and wellbeing, Money

I am working from home, but have my child to look after. My employer is now suggesting I take unpaid leave if I am unable to commit to the shifts I have been given. What are my rights?

Children, Coronavirus

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