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Can I get help to pay my sons travel costs to school?

If you’re your child is in the catchment area for the school they attend the local council will provide transport or help with travel costs if the school is considered to be beyond walking distance. This is at the discretion of the council but is usually more than 2 miles for children under 8 or 3 miles for children over 8 from where you live. Help with transport is also provided when children are unable to walk due to disability, illness or where the route to school is too difficult or dangerous to walk.

If you have chosen to enrol your child at a school outside the catchment area the council does not have to help with travel costs. However it may be worth contacting your local council education department to ask if there is help in certain circumstances. For example if you have had to move your child to another school because of bullying you may be able to get help.

If you live in Glasgow you can find further information on this from Glasgow City Council – Free School transport.

Check for your local council 

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