Single Parent Families and Poverty in Scotland

See our research and submissions to consultations below.

Child poverty briefings: Scottish Government

In this briefing paper to MSPS ahead of the Scottish Debate on 18th April 2023, we set out what needs to be done to reduce child poverty within single parent families in Scotland and support them through the cost of living crisis.

Single Parent Families Priorities for Change in 2020

We believe tackling child poverty should be an immediate policy priority for the Westminster and Scottish Governments. In Scotland, single parent families make up 29% of all families, but single parent families are significantly more likely to be living in poverty.

Child poverty briefings: Public Health Scotland

We contributed to two briefings by Public Health Scotland on single parent families and child poverty: a general briefing and a COVID-19 specific briefing.

Potential impact of Brexit on Single Parents and OPFS

Brexit is set to impact all sectors in the UK, including the third sector. These are unprecedented times, and it’s impossible to know the full impact as Brexit has created a climate of uncertainty.

Scottish Government Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan

The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act says the Scottish Government must prepare a “delivery plan” which sets out the measures that aim to achieve the child poverty targets.

Scottish Government Child Poverty Delivery Plans – Single Parents' Views

To contribute to the Scottish Government's Child Poverty Delivery Plans OPFS undertook a survey on single views on the impact of poverty and what they felt government should prioritise.

OPFS Briefing on the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act

OPFS warmly welcomes the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act.

Consultation on a Child Poverty Bill for Scotland

OPFS submission says that ending child poverty and socio-economic disadvantage should be at the heart of the Scottish Government’s programme for government.