Our Dundee service

Although our office is closed, OPFS is still working to support single parents across the city. We know that coping with the current crisis is having an impact on families, but we are here to provide support and a listening ear.

We can offer :

  • One-to-one support to parents by telephone, text, email, Facebook, Facetime and WhatsApp
  • Advice on Universal Credit claims, Benefit Applications, Money Advice and Housing
  • Information and advice on money, food, medication, heating and lighting
  • Help with crisis applications for food and essential item items
  • Hints and tips on managing your worries
  • Ideas for activities you can do at home to keep you and your family occupied
  • Up-to-date advice and referrals for access to local services & resources

Our Facebook page is updated regularly with local and national information. You can send a message via Facebook or email us.

See latest Coronavirus information for single parent families from OPFS and also from Dundee City Council.

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Dundee services

View our range of support services for single parents below.


Working towards employment
Thinking about getting a job can feel overwhelming at times. We know that there can be lots of things that need to be considered to enable parents to do this. We can help you to start your journey of working towards employment. With our support, we can look for solutions to overcome the things that are getting in the way and help you plan the journey you are going to take to make you as job-ready as possible. Once you have a job, we will still be here to support you.

One-to-one support
We have friendly support workers who help you plan your future.

This can include:

  • Helping you access training, college or learning courses.
  • Information about volunteering opportunities, benefits and childcare options.
  • Our workers can help you complete a CV, prepare job applications and get ready for job interviews.

Mental health conditions and disabilities
Our service works in partnership with other organisations working specifically for parents experiencing health issues that are affecting their ability to get a job. We know how hard it can be to progress in your life when you have health worries that you feel get in the way. We can support you and put you in contact with other agencies who can provide any specialist you might need.

Health and wellbeing

Healthy families
We know it can be hard to provide everything you want for your children and yourself on a tight budget.

Our workers can give advice and practical support around:

  • eating healthily
  • managing a budget
  • easy ways to exercise
  • tell you about fun things to do around Dundee that are free or cost very little
  • we can also apply to foodbanks and for small grants at times of crisis

See our wellbeing for single parents

Looking after yourself

It’s important as a parent to look after your own wellbeing. At times, you might feel overwhelmed with everything going on in your life and the stress may be impacting on your physical and mental health.

We can provide one-to-one support and/or group sessions to help ease the stress, making you feel more relaxed and better able to manage. We can also support you to seek specialist support from other agencies if needed and accompany you to appointments.

Parenting and family support

One-to-one support
We understand that parenting on your own can bring up lots of challenges. Separating from a partner can cause upset in different ways for you and your children. Wider family relationships can also become strained. Our team have lots of experience supporting parents and their families with everyday situations and through more complex and difficult times. Having someone to talk to can relieve the pressures of everyday life. We are here to listen and support you in finding answers to help you and your family.

Being the best parent, you can be
Parenting can be rewarding but can also be tough at times. As children grow and develop, their needs change and this can affect their behaviour. Sometimes it is difficult to manage these changes. We can give you the space to talk through your worries and stresses and offer advice and support to enable you to overcome them. When your children have additional support needs, we can also support you in dealing with other agencies and workers and attend meetings with you.

Support for single and contact fathers
Parenting can be great, but we know that being a single dad or a separated dad can be tough sometimes. We know that getting a bit of support and advice, or even just someone to talk to can improve family life for you and your children.

One Parent Families Scotland Dundee Family Support Services has a dedicated Children and Fathers Worker who is here to listen, to give some advice and offer support.

There are all sorts of things that can affect family life for you and your family. We can provide help and information about:

  • children’s health and wellbeing
  • contact arrangements or issues
  • separation and family relationships
  • family activities to join
  • household and finance matters
  • increasing your “dad skills”.

Groups and activities
Being a parent on your own can be lonely at times. We run different kinds of groups throughout the year that can help you to meet other parents like yourself. Some groups are for parents only, while others are for families so your children can join in too. All our groups are free and we also provide a cuppa to have a chat over. At special times, we host fun activity sessions for families.