Book list

Last updated: 02/12/2020

We’ve put together a list of books that may be helpful for single parents, their children and extended families. If you have any suggestions for books to add let us know.


How to Talk to Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk

Author: Faber & Mazlish

ISBN: 978-1848126329

How to build successful relationships with children within families, and how to manage family conflicts effectively.


The Huge Bag of Worries

Author: Ironside and Rodgers

ISBN: 978-0340903179

A popular story book for younger children about a little girl who finds she is carrying an ever growing ‘bag of worries’. She finds there are lots of different ways of dealing with or sharing worries.



Waterbugs and Dragonflies: Explaining Death to Young Children

Author: Doris Stickney

ISBN: 978-0829816242

An explanation of death for children 5 and over.


Finding a Way Through When Someone Close Has Died: What it Feels Like and What You Can do to Help Yourself

Author: Pat Mood & Lesley Whittaker

ISBN: 978-1853029202

A workbook to help young people to deal with and accept death.


Divorce and separation (for children)

What in the World Do you Do When Your Parents Divorce?: A Survival Guide for Kids

Author: Kent Winchester and Roberta Beyer

ISBN: 978-1575420929

Written to and for kids, in a simple question-and-answer format, this book is a valuable tool for helping children cope with separation.


It’s Not your Fault, KoKo Bear

Author: Vicki Lansky

ISBN: 978-0916773472

This is a ‘read together’ book for parents and young children aged 3 to 7 years during divorce and separation that helps to explain words and feelings.


The Suitcase Kid

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

ISBN: 978-0440867739

This is a well told story about a girl and her rabbit adjusting to life being a kid with divorced parents. For ages 8 to teens.


It’s Not the End of the World

Author: Judy Blume

ISBN: 978-1509806270

This is a story about divorce and its impact on family life, from a teenage perspective. Written with insight, sensitivity and honesty for ages 10 to teens.


Divorce and separation (for parents)

Breaking Up Without Falling Apart: The Essential Guide to Separation and Divorce in Scotland

Author: Anne Hall Dick


A really useful, readable guide about the process of separating in Scotland.


The Guide for Separated Parents: Putting Children First

Author: Karen & Nick Woodall

ISBN: 978-0749940003

A practical and reassuring guide for separating parents on how to work towards co-operative parenting, written by UK authors.


The Truth about Children and Divorce

Author: Robert Emery

ISBN: 978-0452287167

This book combines research and practical experience to help parents to work through the practicalities and feelings that arise through separation.


Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids

Author: Christina McGhee

ISBN: 978-0091939830

Advice for divorcing parents on how to help their children come to terms with separation and divorce.


Moving On: Breaking Up Without Breaking Down

Author: Suzie Hayman

ISBN: 978-0091856250

Help, information and advice to help deal with the issues of separation and divorce.