Child maintenance arrangements

Child maintenance is money you get from your child’s other parent to help with the cost of raising your child. This information explains ways to arrange child maintenance and what the Child Maintenance Service can do.


What is child maintenance?

The parent who does not have the main day-to-day care of their children may have to make payments to the parent looking after the children. This is known as child maintenance.


How can I arrange child maintenance?

You can arrange child maintenance 3 different ways.


How is child maintenance paid?

You can choose how your child maintenance is paid.


How does the Child Maintenance Service calculate child maintenance?

After you apply for child maintenance the Child Maintenance Service will contact your child’s other parent or HM Revenue & Customs for details of their income.


How to complain about the Child Maintenance Service

You can make a complaint about the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) if you’re unhappy with the service you’ve had from them.


Maintenance when you share the care of your children with their other parent

Shared care is where your child stays overnight with their other parent. This may affect the amount of child maintenance you receive.


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