Single parent consultations

We involve single parents in our consultations to help us to better understand what matters to single parents, so that we ensure our policy work continues to represent your views. We do this through on-line surveys, discussion groups and case studies fed back by our local teams and national advice and information service.

Current consultations

We want to know about single parents priorities and opinions on key issues that affect many single parent families. Your views will help us shape our services and influence what we campaign about. We want to know what is going well and what can be improved about; Childcare, education, cost of living, benefits, wellbeing and housing.


Previous consultations


Community Connections Project

This partnership with Caledonian University focused on researching the issues around using digital technologies to enable single parents to combat loneliness, social isolation and improve mental wellbeing.


Scottish Government Child Poverty Delivery Plans – Single Parents Views

To contribute to the Scottish Governments Child Poverty Delivery Plans OPFS undertook an on-line and paper-based survey on single parent views on the impact of poverty and what they felt government should prioritise.


Participatory One Parent Proofing Toolkit

OPFS was a partner in a UK wide “Participatory One Parent Proofing” initiative funded by the Big Lottery. This involved three years of participatory research by single parents and development of a one parent participatory toolkit.


OPFS Survey Results: Survey of Glasgow Single Parents’ Policy Priorities

We recently carried out a survey of single parents in Glasgow asking about their policy priorities. Three key areas are: childcare; welfare reform and employment.


OPFS Survey Results: Single Parents and Further Education (2015)

Why are so few single parents entering education? Our survey into single parents and further education threw up a few surprises.


OPFS Survey Results: Single Parents and Stigma 2014

Our survey reveals that three-in-four single parents have experienced stigma in the last two years.