Choosing childcare

Last updated: 17/02/2022

To choose the kind of childcare that is best suited to your child’s needs it is worth visiting different types.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Trained and experienced staff who will respond to your child’s individual needs
  • Children who are busy and happy
  • Premises that are safe and clean with outdoor play space
  • Broad range and generous supply of toys and equipment
  • Clean toilets and hand basins with individual or disposable towels
  • Fun activities that are well planned each day
  • Exercise and quiet times scheduled into each day.

Here are some questions you might want to ask when you visit a childcare provider:

  • How many children do you care for?
  • What is the ratio of staff to children?
  • What is your discipline policy?
  • Do you provide meals, snacks, nappies?
  • Where can my child rest or sleep?
  • How will you keep me up-to-date with my child’s progress? Do you have a
    record book?
  • How do you deal with emergencies?
  • What happens if my child is sick?