Cost of School

Last updated: 21/02/2020

School costs such as school clothing and school meals can put pressure on low-income families and put children at risk of missing out on opportunities and feeling different, excluded and unhappy.

Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee poverty and attainment inquiry

The  Education & Skills Committee held an inquiry  on the impact of experiencing poverty on young people at school, including their attainment and their achievement.

Our Director, Satwat Rehman appeared in person at the Committee inquiry on May 2nd. View the hearing below or on Scottish Parliament TV Website.

Download OPFS submission to the Committee
“I did without for months in order to afford school uniforms.”

- Single Parent,

Findings from Scottish-wide School Clothing Grants Survey

December 2017

CPAG Scotland, One Parent Families Scotland and The Poverty Truth Commission undertook a survey of parents on the school clothing grant. This report provides a useful snapshot of the challenges faced by many parents across Scotland as well as recommendations.

Download Key findings of survey