Money and debt advice

Last updated: 10/02/2022

Our Lone Parent Helpline and web-chat service can help single parents who get in touch and have worries around money or debt. By working together with local partners we can put parents in touch with debt advice services in their area.

Our Glasgow and North Lanarkshire Money & Debt Advice Service continues to support parents to deal with debt, helping with family budgeting skills, reducing parent’s levels of stress and anxiety, and improving family well-being enabling families to have more control in their lives.

Welfare rights

Our Financial Inclusion team can also advise you on your welfare rights.

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My money – tips and advice

Many single parents worry about money and making ends meet. Take a look at some steps you can take to feel more in control, and to manage your money and any worries about it a little better.

My life and me

Our Financial Inclusion team

As part of our Financial Inclusion service, our Money and Debt advice service have advisers who will provide you with support, advice and information to help you to better manage your money, deal with any debts and where needed, negotiate a payment plan, charitable grant applications, fuel poverty and grants.

By working together with our partners through our referral process we provide a specialist service on behalf of single parent families.

They can aid you to find economical options for paying bills and managing the transfer from benefits to employment.

Financial questions

They can support you with any of the problems you might have like:

  • Are you having difficulty organising your money?
  • Finding it difficult to keep up with rent or mortgage payments?
  • Struggling to make ends meet?
  • Problems paying bills?
  • Are you claiming all the money that you are entitled to?
  • Unsure if you can afford to makes changes in your life such as going back to work, going into education or training etc.?

We are proud to be a member of the Glasgow Advice and Information Network and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Find out more about the money and debt advice offered by our local services at the links below, where you can also find their contact details.

Contact OPFS services:

If you live outwith Glasgow here is information on support available:

Debt Advice | Financial Support (

“They helped me deal with the debt that I had. I was at my wits’ end; I couldn’t eat or sleep. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. They made it seem easy. They reassured me that it could be managed, and they made it so. I don’t know what I would have done.”

- Single parent, Glasgow