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My son has started a full time higher education course at university. He is still living at home with me. Will my universal credit be affected?

Benefits, Children, Education and training

I am not happy with the service I have received from Social Work. What can I do about it?

Children, Support and advice

My ex is not turning up to take the children when he said he would. He cancels last minute and then turns up unexpectedly. He is letting both myself and the children down. What can I do about it?


My universal credit payments have suddenly changed and I do not know why. I have had no change in my income or any other circumstances. How can I find out why there has been a change?

Benefits, Money

When do single parents get the coronavirus vaccination?


Where can I get a tablet or laptop for my son? I have 3 sons who are still being home schooled but only have one tablet between them.

Children, Education and training

I am furloughed from my work, and my wages will be approx £2k less this year compared to last year. Will my tax credits/working tax credit increase?

Coronavirus, Employment, Money

I heard the Scottish Government are giving £100 to school children. How do I get this?

Children, Money

I pay child maintenance to my ex for our 2 children. If the children stay overnight with me should the amount of child maintenance I pay be less?

Children, Money

Is there any help can I get if I have credit card debt and money worries during the coronavirus pandemic?

Coronavirus, Money

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