Learning at home

Last updated: 18/10/2021

Children are learning through play and everything they do. You’re not expected to be a teacher, just support their learning which can fit around your life. 

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Link to other fun activities you could try during social distancing, which also involve learning.

Learning at home

Children can learn through helping with cooking, gardening and any other activities around the home. Younger children can sort and count socks, or similar household objects. There are also lots of other resources online which can support your children’s education, in addition to the work which teachers have sent home during the school closures:

General learning

Literacy and English

  • Puffin Schools – resources and videos from favourite authors, and ideas to help children create their own short stories

Numeracy and Maths

  • Sumdog  – for ages 5 – 14, available on website and an app.
  • Topmarks  – games and resources for learning Maths for ages 5 – 14



Social Studies

Preparing for learning at home

Think back to what worked well for your family during the last lockdown. Routines, suitable space, and regular breaks all help when working an learning from home. Parentclub have lots of tips & resources including: