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Last updated: 01/03/2024

Read One Parent Families Scotland’s research report and Parent and Practitioner guides for supporting families with children in or on the edges of care, commissioned by The Promise Scotland.

The overarching ambition of The Scottish Government in its commitment to keep the promise for care experienced children, young people and their families is to keep families together where it is safe to do so and to provide the support that is required to make this happen. Providing young people with the opportunity to return to a safe and economically stable family environment is therefore central to achieving this ambition.

- Satwat Rehman, OPFS Chief Executive

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The Promise Podcast

In this episode of the OPFS podcast, we explore Scotland’s care system, the work of the Promise and the impact on family finances when children enter or return from care. Features Chloe Riddell of the Promise Scotland and Sarah Stewart of OPFS.

Listen to previous podcasts here.

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Policy research report

This report is based on research by OPFS with Child Poverty Action Group. It explores what happens to family finances when a child enters the care system in Scotland and how this affects family reunification. The report is based on interviews with practitioners and parents who have come into contact with the care system. It contains series of short-term and long-term recommendations to mitigate against the negative consequences for families when a child is taken into care.

Download The Promise research report
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Practitioner guide

This guide is for all practitioners from statutory and voluntary agencies working with families. It aims to prevent, mitigate, and inform families of the financial and material changes that will affect them if their children become looked after, or when they return home after being in care.

The guide explains the financial impact on families so that practitioners have the information they need to support families and improve outcomes.

Download Practitioner guide
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Parents’ guide

This information is for parents and families who have contact with social work because their child is in, or might be going into, care, or are returning home from care. It explains where to get help and advice, particularly about money. It’s good for parents to be aware as soon as possible.

Download Parents' guide

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