Scottish Welfare Fund

Last updated: 19/03/2024

The Scottish Welfare Fund provides two grants that can help pay for food, fuel or essential household items.

Crisis Grant

Crisis Grants provide help if you need money quickly because of unexpected expenses, an emergency or a sudden drop in your income. You can also get a Crisis Grant if you need money to help you escape domestic abuse.

They are usually small amounts to pay for food or heating and are given for a few weeks at most. These grants are discretionary but do not have to be paid back.


Community Care Grant

You must be leaving care or need help to stay in your home to get a Community Care Grant. You do not have to be getting benefits and the money does not have to be paid back.

The grant can be given in cash, vouchers or preloaded cards to help pay for fuel, food, travel, white goods and furniture. Each local authority can use its discretion on the type of help they will provide.


For more information on these grants, and details of how to apply, visit you local council’s website or see Help from the Scottish Welfare Fund