Scottish Child Payment Response

Last updated: 14/04/2021

We are absolutely delighted that Scottish Government has listened to parents about the pressures they are under and is bringing forward a new Scottish Child Payment for families on a low income.

- Marion Davis, Head of Policy and Strategy

Scottish Child Payment – OPFS Evidence to Scottish Parliament Social Security

The Scottish Government has now laid the Scottish Child Payment Regulations 2020.

The Scottish Government plans to introduce the Scottish Child Payment, initially for children under 6, then extended to children under 16 by the end of 2022.  The regulations setting out the detail, eligibility, application and appeal process must be approved by the Parliament. As part of the Parliament’s formal approval process, the SP Social Security Committee is asking for submissions on views on how best this policy can be implemented and delivered well.

Please take a look at Scottish Parliament Social Security Committee OPFS Submission

Download Scottish Parliament Social Security Committee OPFS Submission



Following on from calls from OPFS and Scottish Society to speed up the introduction of a new income supplement to tackle child poverty the Scottish Government has today announced a new ‘Scottish Child Payment’. This will see eligible families receive an extra £10 per week from 2020/21.

More information and full statement from Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell.