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One Parent Families Scotland aims to enable single parent families to achieve their potential, to reach a decent standard of living and contribute to Scottish society.

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Our single parent topics and search offers face to face family support services, a wealth of advice and information on various topics, as well as a new mental health and wellbeing service.

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Ya's story

Ya is a single mother to three children. She moved to the UK in 2010 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and later obtained a master’s degree in renewable energy engineering. She now works full time as an electrical engineer in Edinburgh.

I grew up in a society where technical education was a male-dominated area. My resilience and passion for this industry were my motivation.

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We have experienced advisers available to answer questions that matter to you, on topics such as our services, money matters, your children, universal credit and much more. You can also browse the answers we gave to previous questions on our board.

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Imprisonment denies families access to #ChildMaintenance through no fault of their own- guest blog by Nancy Loucks, Chief Executive of Families Outside.

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