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One Parent Families Scotland aims to enable single parent families to achieve their potential, to reach a decent standard of living and contribute to Scottish society.

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Our single parent topics and search offers face to face family support services, a wealth of advice and information on various topics, as well as a new mental health and wellbeing service.

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Transforming child maintenance: Chloe's story

Chloe has two children and started using the Child Maintenance System after she separated from her children’s dad due to domestic abuse. 

My children's dad runs a successful Ltd company with two offices, many members of staff, company cars and a long history of high income. Yet for the first two years he managed to get away with paying based upon minimum wage only.

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We have experienced advisers available to answer questions that matter to you, on topics such as our services, money matters, your children, universal credit and much more. You can also browse the answers we gave to previous questions on our board.

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OPFS Response to the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government 2023-24


On 5 September, the First Minister set out the key measures to tackle poverty and support children and families in the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government.

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