Having a baby

When you are having a baby and are, or will be, a single parent you may have a lot of questions about your income, benefits, employment and making arrangements with your child’s other parent.

This advice here covers benefits and other income you may be entitled to when you’re pregnant or just had a baby, taking time off and return to work and sources of other practical and financial help.

We also give information on planning the time your baby spends with their other parent.


Money when you are expecting, or just had a baby

What specific benefits and other money you’ll have to live on when you are pregnant or have just had a baby, depends on your circumstances before you became pregnant.


Time off work when pregnant or just had a baby

If you have a contract with your employer, you are entitled to statutory maternity leave of 52 weeks regardless of length of service.


Returning to work after time off with your baby

Your employer must assume that you will take all 52 weeks of your statutory maternity leave.


Sources of financial help with your baby

The Scottish Government has introduced a new grant to help with the costs of a new baby called the Best Start Grant.


Who can make decisions about children?

There are many decisions you make about your children on a day to day basis as a parent.


Important dates

Dates to keep in mind for working out maternity leave and pay.


Useful contacts

Useful contact information for those who are expecting or have recently had a baby.