Our Board

One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS) has 10 Trustees who bring a range of experience and expertise.

Halena Gauntlett


As Chair of OPFS, I feel very privileged to work with our families, Satwat, the OPFS team, our Board and partners. Professionally I bring experience in equality, education and systems thinking, all the while, my personal experience as a lone-parent is one lived in technicolour! My children are teenagers now and I am in a position to give my commitment to support this unique organisation and its purpose, that I care very much for.

Keir Mitchelmore

Vice Chair

Keir is delighted to be appointed Vice Chair of OPFS and as a solicitor brings her transferable legal skills to the boardroom table. When a single parent herself many years ago, Keir would have loved to access the services OPFS offer today and looks forward to supporting them in their important work.

Ann McKenzie

Company Secretary

Ann has over 40 years of working with people in some form of support, learning or information role. Background and qualifications initially in Education and Community Learning moving into childcare in 1992. Ann began working for OPFS in 1998 to establish the OPFS model of Registered home based child care and progressed to the role of Deputy Director in 2008, with a widened role to include personnel management in 2014.

Kerry McKenzie

Lead for Child Poverty, Public Health Scotland

Kerry is Head of Service in Public Health Scotland and most recently their Lead on Child Poverty. She has over 20 years’ experience leading and delivering health improvement programmes at both national and local levels in NHS and local authority across a wide range of public health policy areas in complex systems.

Kevin Cadman

Retired Financial Services Executive - previously Charity Chief Executive and Regional Director at RBS plc.

Kevin is an experienced financial services executive who has held a number of key senior positions in both the Private and Third sectors. For 30 years of his career worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland Retail division, latterly until 2012 as Regional Director for Central Scotland and Head of Delivery for the Groups Complaint Handling programme. From 2013 until retirement in June 2018 held the role of Chief Executive for the Grameen Scotland Foundation, a charitable foundation set up in 2012 to introduce the worldwide renowned Grameen micro-credit model to the UK and European markets. Retired in 2018, now supports a number of charitable organisations as Trustee / Treasurer and Chair of the Board.

Susan Smith

Susan Smith has been campaigns manager at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations since returning from parental leave in April 2020. Before that she was editor of Third Force News for over a decade and has a background in journalism. Previous board appointments include five years as a trustee of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation. Susan is a single parent by choice so understands the social, emotional and financial challenges of managing family life alone. She doesn't have much spare time but enjoys reading, films, theatre, and cycling and swimming when she gets the chance.

Addie Dinsmore

Head of Communications and Fundraising, Scouts Scotland

Addie is the Head of Communications and Fundraising for Scouts Scotland and has worked in the charity sector for over a decade. Having been brought up in a single parent family, Addie understands the unique challenges that single parents and their children face and is passionate about the essential work that OPFS does in Scotland.

Dr Andrew Sharman

Managing Partner, RMS Switzerland

Andrew is a seasoned Non-Executive Director and Trustee, his roles have included Chair of the Board of the Institute of Leadership & Management and President of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Heath. He founded the One Percent Safer Foundation in 2020 with the aim of eliminating 28,000 work-related deaths globally every year. Andrew teaches at several executive business schools and consults on leadership, organizational culture, and wellbeing, globally. Following the sudden death of his mother when aged 11, Andrew grew up in one parent family in Scotland.

Whitney Barrett

Principal Educational Psychologist

Whitney has been a practising educational psychologist for over 20 years and is currently Principal Educational Psychologist for Clackmannanshire Council. Whitney brings skills and knowledge in the areas of child development, education and mental health and wellbeing, particularly trauma and loss, as well as systems-thinking and research and evaluation. Whitney is a single parent and feels very strongly that raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in life. However, doing this on your own is not easy and all parents and carers, whether on their own or not, need a strong support system in order to help them regulate so that they can remain present for their children. It really does take a village to raise a child and Whitney feels we need to better support all parents and carers and, in particular parents and carers who are doing this on their own, to have access to good quality, sensitive and respectful support and she is delighted to part of an organisation that helps build this ‘village’.

Alison Livesey

Alison works for J.P. Morgan ("JPM") in their payments business and is a seasoned Non-Executive Director, currently sitting on the Board of JPM's Payments Institution in Ireland and previously has sat on the Boards of three JPM Credit Institutions. Alison is passionate about volunteering and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Having really enjoyed her time assisting OPFS as a volunteer on a three-month piece of work, she was honoured to be asked to join the Board of OPFS and to help support their critical work as an organisation. Alison is a qualified Barrister and the mother of twins.