Support for dads

Last updated: 14/02/2020

As a single father, you will share the same feelings as any other parent. Find out more about the support for dads offered by our local services.

As a single father, you will share the same feelings as any other parent. As a contact father, living apart from your children can leave you feeling incomplete as a parent. We know that getting a bit of support and advice, or even just someone to talk to can improve family life for you and your children.

Dundee support service

One Parent Families Scotland Dundee Family Support Services has a dedicated Children and Fathers Worker who is here to listen, give some advice and offer support.

There are all sorts of things that can affect family life for you and your family. We can provide help and information about:

  • children’s health and wellbeing
  • contact arrangements or issues
  • separation and family relationships
  • family activities to join
  • household and finance matters
  • increasing your “Dad skills”.

Dads’ Clubs Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, we also run free weekly Dads’ Clubs for single (and contact) dads and their children. Each week we do something different, while also ensuring that dads and kids feel supported in what can sometimes be difficult circumstances.

If you are a single father or father with regular contact with your children, we have 2 weekly groups in Edinburgh that offer:

  • Activities & Saturday outings for you and your children.
  • Opportunities for children to make new friends and for you to meet other lone fathers.
  • Support and information around issues that affect you.

What are the Dads’ Clubs?
The 2 Dads’ Clubs organise free activities and outings each Saturday for single fathers and their young children, including dads who only see their children for part of the time.

We do a range of a different activities each week matched to the age and interests of your children.

You can not only have fun with your kids but find affordable and free things to do in the Edinburgh area that you can use in the future.

You get the chance to meet other dads who have similar experiences of bringing up children on their own.

Is it for me?
You need to come with your son or daughter (between the ages of 0-16 yrs). Fathers of all ages take part. It can be intimidating to come to a group for the first time, but our staff are particularly good at helping new families settle in and might be able to help with transportation initially.

Lanarkshire support service

Local service workers can meet you one-to-one at a time and place to suit your circumstances. We can provide advice and support around:

  • parenting
  • childcare
  • benefit entitlements
  • housing
  • health and wellbeing
  • budgeting
  • involvement with statutory services (i.e. Social Work, health professionals, nursery or school staff)
  • or simply the struggles of everyday life.

One-to-one support offers a confidential, non-judgmental service which helps dads to reduce feelings of isolation, increase their sense of family wellbeing and parenting skills, and build confidence and self-esteem.

Our local workers can also support dads with referrals for:

  • financial inclusion support
  • crisis support
  • food banks, baby banks, school uniform grants and more.


Find out more about support for dads offered by our local services at the links below, where you can also find their contact details.