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Falkirk services

One-to-one support

Being a single parent is challenging. At times we can face issues around, parenting, setting boundaries and routines, benefit/financial difficulties, or simply feeling isolated or overwhelmed. Project staff can meet with you on a one-to-one basis either in your home, in our Family Centre or in a suitable place of your choice. We will spend time with you to find out how we can best support you to address any issues you are facing. We will work with you as an individual, with your own life challenges to create an action plan which will help support you to make small changes which can have a large impact on your environment, physical and mental well- being.

Groups and activities

Living in a village can be isolating. Getting involved in groups can help you stay connected with other single parents, have fun and be part of your community.

Single parents can access a variety of different groups dependent on their likes, wants and needs. Parents we work with have been involved in gardening, craft and social groups. At times single parents and their children can attend Family, Food and Fun which offers a hearty meal followed by fun activities for the children, giving the parents a chance to chat to other parents or join in with the activities.

Please check our Facebook page to see what groups we are currently running.

Health and wellbeing

Life events such as a relationship breakdown, house eviction, job loss and bereavement can lead to unmanageable increases in anxiety levels, feelings of helplessness, loneliness, overwhelm and a difficulty in dealing with strong emotions.

We also know that asking for help can be hard for so many different reasons, which may include a sense of feeling judged, being viewed as not coping, experiencing feelings of guilt and shame and sometimes thinking that our issues are not important enough.

OPFS can help by offering an opportunity to connect with others who may be experiencing similar issues to you, talk with another trusted person in a confidential space, put positive plans and strategies in place, help you understand that your feelings may be normal reactions to difficult life circumstances and see you as an individual with your own past, present and future.


Covid has been hard on everyone, and has made it hard for some people to feel confident in getting out and enjoying life again. We can help you take those initial steps in feeling sociable in a supportive way. For more information call 01324 711271 or email braes@opfs.org.uk

Group support work

Our groups come in a variety of forms, from gardening, cooking to walking. It is important to understand that these are not therapy groups, however, we believe that by being part of a group, sharing experiences and knowing that you don’t have to suffer alone can feel therapeutic and powerful.

Information sessions

We offer sessions on a variety of issues that single parents may face when bringing up their children. Sessions are developed according to need and can be around potty training, sleep, literacy, baby massage, sensory play, and more.

Cost of the school day

We know that for many single parents trying to make ends meet in difficult circumstances, things can happen that you don’t expect. If you are struggling with the cost of a school uniform for your child, we can help with our nearly-new school clothing bank.

We also have a ‘community cupboard’ when things get tough, and can help pass on new households items at times. For more information call 01324 711271 or email braes@opfs.org.uk


We are a placement provider for children aged two to three who are entitled to free childcare. For more information, please contact Childcare and Early Learning Team, Sealock House on 01324 506611.