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We can offer help and advice on managing money for single parent families. We have a direct money and debt advice service and information and tips on subjects including budgeting, money saving tips and more.

We also have a website dedicated to gathering advice and tips from single parents and others in the one place, that supports single parents worry about money and making ends meet.


Talking about money

There has never been a more important time to talk about money. The Cost of Living has seen a massive increase in the number of families experiencing problems with money. Not talking about money can impact your mental health, relationships, and your life.


Energy and money saving tips

Some tips and suggestions for ways to save energy and money.


Money and debt advice

Our Lone Parent Helpline and web-chat service can help single parents who get in touch and have worries around money or debt. By working together with local partners we can put parents in touch with debt advice services in their area. Our Glasgow and North Lanarkshire Money & Debt Advice Service continues to support parents […]


UK government cost of living payments 

UK Government has confirmed that three cost of living payments totaling £900 will be paid to households in 2023/2024.


Search for Grants and Foodbanks

This page includes useful information about searching for grants and food banks near you.

News updates for single parents

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Our news updates reflect the work of One Parent Families Scotland and the issues affecting single parents today.

OPFS response to 2024 General Election results


Single Parent FAQs: Child Contact Arrangements – Issue 30


Answers to the most frequently asked questions on Child Contact Arrangements.

Single Parent FAQs: Scottish Benefits – Issue 29