Single Parent Families Priorities for Change in 2020

Last updated: 21/10/2020

We believe tackling child poverty should be an immediate policy priority for the Westminster and Scottish Governments. In Scotland, single parent families make up 29% of all families, but single parent families are significantly more likely to be living in poverty.

See our campaign for Challenge Poverty Week 2020, where we highlight our calls to action for both the UK and Scottish Governments to help end poverty in single parent families.


One Parent Families Scotland has consulted parents to identify changes that could be made by the Westminster government to support single parent families. The top five areas single parents want prioritised were used to form our manifesto for the 2019 General Election here.

One Parent Families Manifesto

Click on the tweet below to see the thread.


In Scotland, 39% of children in single parent families are living in poverty based on the most recent statistics (prior to the pandemic). OPFS works with families living in poverty and campaign for solutions to bring about a society where children have a fair chance in life free from hardship.

The news report below from Source outlines some of our key policy calls for the Scottish Government which would help lift families out of poverty in Scotland.