OPFS Podcast

OPFS podcast

The OPFS Podcast is directed and produced by One Parent Families Scotland.

You’ll hear from single parents, politicians, staff, volunteers and many more expert voices relating to single parent families.

If you would like to feature on a future edition, get in touch.

Episode 1 - Karen Adam MSP

Karen spoke with us on experience of being a single parent, the importance of having access to affordable childcare and much more.

Episode 2 - Cheryl / Molly, Family Support

Our second episode features two family support workers in Glasgow talking about all the services on offer to single parents in Glasgow and nationally.

Episode 3 - Carolyn

Single mum Carolyn talks about how balancing her health condition with caring for her son has impacted on her availability for work and thoughts on the cost-of-living crisis.

Episode 4 - Alice, Advice and Information

Hear Alice talk about how they can help to support and advise single parent families and what you can expect from them when single parents get in touch.

Episode 5 - Pam Duncan Glancy MSP and Lindsay McCurley

Our fifth episode features Pam Duncan Glancy MSP, the first permanent wheelchair user to be elected to the Scottish Parliament, and Glasgow-based single parent, Lindsay McCurley, who is a full time carer for her autistic son.

Episode 6 - Young parent, Kelly-Marie Wilson and Marion Fellows MP

Kelly-Marie, young single mum, talks about financial challenges of being a young parent. Marion Fellows shares views on how the social security system can better support young parents.

Episode 7 - Interview with Caitlin Logan (OPFS) and Jules Stapelton Barnes (LGBT Health and Wellbeing)

We discuss importance of safe spaces & specialist services for LGBTQ+ families and what mainstream organisations can do to be more inclusive.

Episode 8 - Keeping the Promise: interview with Chloe Riddell, The Promise Scotland and Sarah Stewart, OPFS Head of Service.

In this episode we talk to about the financial impact on families when their children become looked after away from home and when they return from care.

Episode 9: Single Parents Day 2024

Martha Mattos Coelho reflects on becoming a single mum (the joys and the challenges) and what drove her to become involved in local politics.