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Last updated: 14/11/2023

To be able to capture the day to day experiences of single parents we are gathering feedback on some of the key issues single parents are facing during the cost of living crisis. We capture this feedback through our local and national services. A report is produced based on this feedback highlighting key themes which can then inform future service delivery and policy priorities.

I have a large Tax Credit overpayment.  I do not feel this was my fault as I had a bonus from work.  I have other debts too and feel very stressed about my financial situation. I think about this constantly it is making me ill.  What can I do?  it’s affecting my mental health.

- Single parent, Scotland

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View our latest report – Asylum Seeker and Refugee Parents

OPFS regularly collects the experiences of single parents across Scotland. Through our six local services, national advice and information services and online support we capture key areas of concern for single parent families.

Our bi-monthly monitoring reports uses this data to describe the impact of the cost-of-living crisis including rising energy costs and food bills.

There are five elements to our impact tracking model:

  • Gathering knowledge: Parent’s experience is systematically collected and analysed.
  • Monitoring Emerging Issues: Emerging issues are drawn out and highlighted.
  • OPFS Response: Our services respond by working to meet the needs identified.
  • Dissemination and Communication: Emerging issues communicated to key influencers.
  • Single Parent Proofing: Using single parent feedback to inform the development, implementation and evaluation of policy and practice so that they respond effectively to the
    needs of single parents.

This report covers the period of September and October 2023. The spotlight topic will consider the financial challenges faced by asylum seeker/refugee parents. We know that single parent families face many challenges, many of which are structural barriers. Access to the right support, particularly services tailored for single parents can make a real difference. For families facing intersectional inequalities, including asylum seeker and refugee single parents, accessing the right support is often more difficult.

Download Issue 24 - Asylum Seeker and Refugee Parents

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