Your benefits

The benefits system has undergone a major change recently. We can help you to understand what benefits you are entitled to, including universal credit, benefits when you are having a baby, disability benefits, and more.


Universal credit

This information is for single parents about to claim universal credit, already getting it or who want to know more.


Benefits have changed

The benefits system has undergone a major change recently. Some benefits are being replaced while others might have different rules for claiming them.


Disability, sickness and care benefits

If you, or your child, have a disability or illness or you care for someone with a disability or illness you may be able to get benefits to help with day to day living costs and to pay for support and services.


Calculating benefits

You can get help calculating what benefits you are entitled to.


Benefits in Scotland

The Scottish Government have responsibility for some benefits and the option to change how others were administered. This means that some benefits in Scotland are different from those in the rest of the UK.


Child benefit

You can get child benefit if you are responsible for a child or qualifying young person.


Benefits based on your national insurance contributions

If you are not working you may get new style jobseeker’s allowance or new style employment and support allowance if you have made the necessary national insurance contributions when you were working.

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Our news updates reflect the work of One Parent Families Scotland and the issues affecting single parents today.

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