Maintenance when you and your children’s other parent share their care

Last updated: 24/11/2021

Shared care is where a child stays overnight with the parent who pays maintenance. This affects the amount of child maintenance the Child Maintenance Service calculates is payable to you.

The more nights that your child or children stay overnight with their other parent the more the weekly amount of child maintenance is reduced:

If care of a child is shared equally, neither parent has to pay child maintenance.


Number of nights of shared care each year

Reduction to child maintenance


52 to 103 nights

Reduction = 1/7th


104 to 155 nights

Reduction = 2/7ths


156 to 174 nights

Reduction = 3/7ths


More than 175 nights

Reduction = Half *

* Plus, an additional £7 a week reduction for each child in this band.

If there is a dispute about the number of nights the children stay with their other parent, and no agreement is in place, the Child Maintenance Service will assume one night per week, resulting in a reduction of one-seventh in the maintenance payment.