Tell us your story

We always want to hear from single parents. You can tell us your story; it can be a quote or a story, long or short. It can be a positive story of change and fulfilment or it can be a story about issues that affect you directly.  

How do I tell you my story?

To submit your story to us all you need to do is send in an email to us and one of our team will get back in touch with you to discuss the next steps. We won’t automatically publish what you send us but we will discuss it with you to decide on the best way to share your experience.

You can take a look at some of the stories already on our website to see what that might look like.

In the email, simply tell us:

  • Your name (or let us know if you’d like to use a different name in order to remain anonymous)
  • Some details or thoughts about your experience as a single parent – the positives and/or the challenges
  • Anything you think could be changed to make things better for single parents and their children in Scotland
  • Anything you feel has already been helpful to you and your children that might be helpful for other single parents
  • Remember: you don’t need to answer all of these points and you should not publicise any information you aren’t comfortable with. If you’re sharing information or opinions about other people (such as your child or their other parent) it may be best to keep your story anonymous so they can’t be identified.
  • For confidential advice and support please see our Lone Parent Helpline or our local services.

If you prefer to share your story by phone, you could arrange to speak to one of our team directly and we will use that conversation to write up your story.

Just click on the email link below to begin the process.

The truth is I didn’t go out much, I couldn’t afford it and it was early to rise and early to bed at night – life revolved around my son’s routine and holding down a job.

- Stephen , single dad