Our Glasgow service

We know that coping with the current cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on families, but we are here to provide support and a listening ear.

Our current service provision

  • One-to-one support in person if requested to parents by telephone, text, email, Facebook, Facetime and WhatsApp
  • Advice on Universal Credit claims, Benefit Applications, Money Advice and Housing
  • Information and advice on money, food, heating and lighting
  • Help with crisis applications for fuel, food and essential items
  • Hints and tips on managing your worries
  • Ideas for activities you can do at home to keep you and your family occupied
  • Up-to-date advice and referrals for access to local services & resources

Spotlight on the Glasgow employability service

No matter how far away entering work feels for you just now, our Employability Advisers will support you to start taking your first steps towards entering suitable employment. You can talk to us about childcare, money worries, and what your money will look like when you go to work. You can also build your confidence and meet other single parents in a similar situation.

Glasgow services

View our range of support services for single parents below.

Local support and drop-in's

Every Tuesday, OPFS Glasgow is based in Tollcross Advice and Learning Centre for client’s living in the East End looking to come in for a chat and access family support services.

Every Monday, OPFS Glasgow have a drop-in in the Glasgow office between 1 and 2:30pm.

  • Single parents can drop into the office and have a chat and get support or information they need.
  • On occasion we have guests from other agencies who deliver information on their services, such as Parent Network Scotland.
  • Once a month Shelter Scotland facilitate this drop-in to offer 1-1 housing advice, information and advocacy.


Overcoming barriers
No matter how far away entering work feels for you just now, our Employability Advisers will support you to start taking your first steps towards entering suitable employment. You can talk to us about childcare, money worries, and what your money will look like when you go to work. You can also build your confidence and meet other single parents in a similar situation.

Building skills and qualifications
Our Employability Service can support you to develop and build your skills to help you get the job you would like. Working on a one-to-one basis, our Employability Advisers will support you to decide what type of jobs or college courses you would like to find out more about and the skills that would be needed to apply. Our training courses will help you to further develop the skills and interests you already have.

Work preparation
Starting or returning to work can seem daunting when you haven’t been in paid employment for a while. Our Employability Service will support you to:

  • get online
  • build your CV
  • look at current vacancies
  • complete application forms
  • prepare for your interview

You can meet our advisers on a one-to-one basis, book a place on our work preparation courses or come along to our Job Club to help you to find a suitable job.

In-work support
Entering a new job is exciting but can also bring its own challenges. Our in-work support service will help you to budget, achieve work-life balance and ensure that you gain access to all the services and resources you need when building a new routine. Our friendly advisers can offer you support by phone, text, email and in person.

Family support

Single parent community hub
Bringing up children on our own can sometimes feel lonely. We run local single parent hubs where you can meet other parents, find out more information on local activities and services, have some ‘You’ time and get your confidence back. Our Family Support Team will meet with you to share more information and when you are ready to come along, we will book you a place and help you join in.

School holiday activity programme
The school holidays are often an exciting time for children but getting time off from school can be expensive for parents and cause extra stresses and strains. We run a family activity programme during the school holidays, which involves fun days out and activities for you and your children to enjoy.

Accessing local resources and services
It can be difficult to know about all the services and resources that could help you. Our Family Support Team will share information and introduce you to local projects and organisations that can help bringing children up on your own a bit easier. If you would like further information, please give us a call.


Listen to our Family Support Workers, Molly and Cheryl, as they speak about the wide range of services offered including translation services.

Young parents

Young parent project

The Best Beginnings project is designed to provide support and resources to young parents between the ages of 16 and 24, who are raising children under the age of 3. This will run one day per week for 10 weeks and will be held in a safe and supportive environment.

Financial Inclusion

We understand the issues that single parents face and that you are adversely affected by welfare reform, especially young single parents, our services are tailored to specifically meet the needs of single parents.

Our Financial Inclusion Advisers will support you to claim all the benefits that you and your family are entitled to, including support around Universal Credit. Our advisers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and an excellent reputation for delivering a service to clients. We can also provide you with representation at benefit appeals and tribunals. We will provide you with help, support, advice and information to help you to better manage your money, negotiate a payment plan, and deal with debts and more.

We offer a comprehensive service offering both one-to-one and group information and advice session hubs around Glasgow.

Health and wellbeing

One-to-one support
At some points during our years of being a parent we can find it difficult to juggle our childcare, well-being and health. Our friendly Family Support team can arrange to meet you and give you time to talk about any difficulties you may be facing. We can help you work out how to get the information and support you need to make life a bit easier.

Group support
We also offer group support sessions for you to build some positive time into your week. Meeting others in a friendly and safe environment can help reduce our stress levels and alleviate feelings of isolation, loneliness and anxiety. Our local Family Support Groups are informal, relaxed and friendly.

Training courses
We offer health and wellbeing training courses which can support you to manage your levels of anxiety and stress, reducing feelings of depression and supporting a better sense of wellbeing. Our courses are informal and will support you to find ways to take more control of how you feel about yourself and find ways to move forward in your life.

Crisis support

We know that for many single parents trying to make ends meet in difficult circumstances, things can happen that you don’t expect. If you are struggling with essential costs such as food, school uniform, baby equipment, clothing or keeping your home warm and with hot running water, please contact our offices to find out about the support we can offer you. We can also provide support with costs around Christmas time and organise family activities during school holidays to help with the expense of keeping your children entertained.

Evaluation of the Glasgow service

Find out how OPFS Glasgow’s personalised approach to service delivery is empowering single parent families in Glasgow to thrive.

Our ‘Making the difference’ report showcases the unique approach of OPFS Glasgow, which sets us apart from other agencies and positively impacts the lives of single parents.

See more and read the evaluation report.


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