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Welcome to our support and advice. Our single parent tailored topics and search option offers face-to-face family support services and a wealth of advice and information on various topics.

Making the most of your family budget

We are in a cost of living crisis with inflation at its highest it has been for 30 years and energy, petrol, food, as well as tax are rising. We have put together some information and links to help make the most of family budgets.

Includes: Your budgeting and debt planner Reduce your living costs What to do if you are in debt Are you getting all the benefits you should be?

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Your benefits

The benefits system has undergone a major change recently. We can help you to understand what benefits you are entitled to.

Includes: Universal credit Benefits from the Scottish Government Disability, sickness and care benefits Scottish Child Payment

Your children

We can help single parents on a range of topics regarding their children, including maintenance, children getting older, one to one support and more.

Includes: Child and parent activities Child contact arrangements Best Start Scotland

Your money

We have a direct money and debt advice service and information and tips about managing money.

Includes: Scottish Child Payment Search for Grants and Food banks Money and debt advice


If you have recently separated from your partner and are now a single parent it's important to know what your first steps might be.

Includes: Just separated Your Parenting Plan

Having a baby

This advice includes benefits and other income you may be entitled to when you’re pregnant or just had a baby, taking time off, return to work and more.

Includes: Money when you are expecting, or just had a baby Time off work when pregnant or just had a baby

Support for you

Our local services offer a range of face-to-face services for single parents using a family support model.

Includes: One-to-one support Support for dads Crisis support

Your home

Deciding where to live often depends on your income and the choices or options available. Our information includes advice about renting and owning a home.

Includes: Housing options Cold weather payment Heating your home

Support if you’re a student

We offer a wide range of support for single parent students. This includes information on further and higher education funding to help make the road to employment and education manageable.

Includes: Further education and training Financial help in higher education

Health and wellbeing

We offer a mental health and wellbeing support service to single parents and their families.

Includes: Support for you and your family Wellbeing tips Tips to reduce anxiety

Face-to-face services

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One Parent Families Scotland local service hubs offer support through a family support model. Our services include one-to-one, parent group support, financial and employability support, and more.

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News updates for single parents

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Our news updates reflect the work of One Parent Families Scotland and the issues affecting single parents today.