We campaign with single parents and partner organisations for changes to key policies that affect single parent families. 


End Young Parent Poverty: Top up the Scottish Child Payment

55% of children with mums under 25 in Scotland are in poverty – more than double the overall rate of child poverty. This can’t be right. #EndYoungParentPoverty

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Single Parents Week 2024

Did you know that every year on March 21, the UK recognises #SingleParentsDay?

Use devolved tax levers to reduce and prevent poverty

Scottish Government can use Holyrood’s tax powers to increase resources available next year and in future years, to support people on low incomes, invest in care and tackle the climate crisis.

Scottish Campaign on Rights to Social Security (SCORSS)

OPFS has been a key member of The Scottish Campaign on Rights to Social Security (SCORSS) which was set up in 2006 to highlight concerns about the UK Government’s welfare reforms.

End Child Poverty Campaign

OPFS works with Scottish members of the End Child Poverty campaign - a UK coalition of 150 organisations from civic society united in our vision of a UK free of child poverty.

All Kids Count Campaign

Calling for the two-child limit to be lifted. The two-child limit means that families no longer receive Child Tax Credit or Universal Credit for any third or subsequent children born after April 2017.

Fair Child Maintenance

Root-and-branch review of Child Maintenance Service needed to lift children out of poverty.

Cost of School

School costs such as school clothing and school meals can put pressure on low-income families and put children at risk of missing out on opportunities and feeling different, excluded and unhappy.


Campaign to challenge stereotypes and stigma often attached to single parenthood. Aims to challenge prejudice against single parents.