The single parent experience

Welcome to our single parent stories. You can read the real-life experiences of single parents below, some of whom have worked with One Parent Families Scotland services.

You can share your experience with us too – it can simply be a quote or a story, long or short. We want to share your stories and make your voice heard so you can be celebrated and recognised for the remarkable jobs you do.

We also hope that people can learn from you about what needs to happen to make sure single parents and their children are supported and valued.

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Joy's story

Joy is a single mum who lives in Glasgow with her four children

Joy reflects on her experiences as a single parent, dealing with housing services, and her family’s experiences of racism

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Mary's story

Mary is a single mum to four children in Glasgow

Mary talks about her experience of the asylum system, the racism she and her children have faced, and getting support from OPFS

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Sadatu's story

Sadatu is a single mum to one boy and two girls in Glasgow

Sadatu talks about her experiences as a single parent, dealing with the immigration system, and racism in Scotland

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Annie's story

Annie is a single mum of two boys, 11 and 6

Annie explains how our Glasgow team helped her and her kids go on a short holiday and why Christmas can be such a challenging time for single parents.

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Gayle's story

Gayle is a single mum of a 10-year-old boy and 19-year-old girl

Gayle talks about the challenges of finding work as a single parent, dealing with the benefits system, and the support she's had through our Glasgow service.

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Anita's story

Anita is a single mum of two boys

Anita explains how taking part in our employability courses in Edinburgh helped give her the confidence to start to her own business.

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Stephen's story

Stephen is a single dad of a 7-year-old boy

Stephen tells us about his experience becoming a single dad three years ago and how our dads' club in Edinburgh helped him.

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Suzanne's story

Suzanne is a single mum of two girls in Glasgow

Suzanne is a single mum of two girls in Glasgow

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