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We can help single parent families on a range of topics regarding their children, including child maintenance, children getting older, one to one support and more.

Bringing up children on your own has ups and downs. It’s a lot of responsibility but it doesn’t mean that you have to be two parents rolled into one. Take a look at our children section on our ‘My life and me’ website.


Caring for a child with complex needs

If a child has received a diagnosis of an illness, disability, or sensory impairment and requires extensive daily support, they are referred to as having “complex needs.” These needs may arise from birth or develop following an illness or injury.


Children and parent activities

Being a parent on your own can be lonely at times. Meeting others in a friendly and safe environment can help reduce our stress levels and alleviate feelings of isolation, loneliness and anxiety.


Child maintenance arrangements

Child maintenance is money you get from your child’s other parent to help with the cost of raising your child. This information explains ways to arrange child maintenance and what the Child Maintenance Service can do.


Child contact arrangements

Information and advice to help you arrange contact between your children and their other parent.


My child is turning 16

Your benefits, tax credits and child maintenance may change once your child is 16 years old. Any changes depend on what your child does after they are 16.


Help to pay for childcare

You may get help to pay for registered childcare included in the benefits you receive.


Free Early Learning and Childcare hours

In Scotland 3 and 4 year olds and some 2 year olds can now get 1,140 hours per year of free Early Learning and Childcare funded by the Scottish Government.


Childcare options

Using childcare can help you juggle work, study, day to day tasks and down time. The following information describes different types of childcare available and the help to pay for it.


Book list

We’ve put together a list of books that may be helpful for single parents, their children and extended families.


Learning at home

Useful links to support learning at home and online.


Children in care

Our parent and practitioner guides provide information on the changes to family finances when a child is taken into care or returns home after being in care.

News updates for single parents

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Our news updates reflect the work of One Parent Families Scotland and the issues affecting single parents today.

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