Policy and Research

We work to achieve societal change, and this is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to bridge the gap between single parents and the decision-makers who have the power to make change happen. The key policy areas are:

Welfare Reform

See our submissions and reports on Welfare Reform.

Scottish Social Security Benefits

OPFS has consulted widely with single parents and other parties before submitting our responses to consultations to Scottish Social Security Benefits.

Single Parent Families and Poverty in Scotland

We believe tackling child poverty should be an immediate policy priority for the Westminster and Scottish Governments.


OPFS believes high quality, affordable, accessible and flexible childcare needs to be at the heart of early year’s policies.

Employment, Employability and Education

See submissions to the Scottish Parliament Welfare Reform Committee and the Glasgow City Council – Colleges and Lifelong Learning Policy Commission.

Cost of the School Day - Participatory Budgeting Project

Parents supported by OPFS suggested ideas on how to use £10,000 in their school to reduce the cost of the school day.

Single Parent Proofing

OPFS was a partner in a UK wide “Participatory One Parent Proofing” initiative funded by the Big Lottery. Also, OPFS created a Proofing Framework specifically for Glasgow Lone Parents.

One Parent Families Manifesto: 2019 General Election

In the lead up to the 2019 General Election, we published a five-point manifesto of policies which we urge all parties to support.

Making It Work Evaluations

Making it Work was a national programme operating in five areas in Scotland. It targeted single parents with young children in receipt of any benefit and experiencing additional barriers to employment.