Letter sent to the UK Chancellor calling for a reversal of conditionality changes for lead carers



On 8 November, a joint letter from 21 charities and organisations, led by Gingerbread, was sent to the UK Chancellor of Exchequer, asking for new and stricter conditionality requirements for Universal Credit claimants with lead care to be reversed. 

Under the new rules, over 700,000 lead carers on Universal Credit (90% will be women and over 23% of whom will be disabled) will need to increase their work hours significantly or spend more time seeking work to be eligible for the benefit.

Read the full letter to the UK Chancellor of Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt.

Download The letter


The signatories

Victoria Benson, CEO, Gingerbread

Joeli Brearley, CEO, Pregnant then Screwed

Alison Garnham, CEO, Child Poverty Action Group

Claire Reindorp, CEO, Young Women’s Trust

Mark Russell, CEO, The Children’s Society

Helen Odgood, National Officer for Education and Early Years

Peter Kelly, Director, The Poverty Alliance

Matthew Upton, Acting Executive Director of Policy and Advocacy, Citizen Advice

Satwat Rehman, CEO, One Parent Families Scotland

Leigh Elliot, CEO, Children North East

Gwen Hines, CEO, Save the Children UK

Jaine Stannard, CEO, School-Home Support

Laura Millar, Strategic Manager, Fife Gingerbread

Mandy Morgan, CEO, The Scottish Pantry Network

Jemima Olchawaki, Fawcett Society

Katie Ghose, CEO, Kids

Ruth Talbot, Founder, Single Parent Rights Campaign

Kate Bell, Assistant General Secretary, TUC

Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson, Director, Women’s Budget Group

Maggie Gordon-Walker, Founder, Mothers Uncovered

Joseph Howes, Chair, End Child Poverty Coalition