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Are there grants available to make improvements and adaptions to my house?

Housing, Money

My daughter is at college and will soon be 18. When do I stop paying child maintenance for her?

Children, Education and training, Money

Will my children’s savings affect my universal credit?

Benefits, Children, Money

How do I arrange child maintenance payments when my child’s other parent does not live in the UK?

Children, Separating

Can I apply for a passport for my child without the father?


I have saved money that I want to give to my children now and put in their bank accounts – will my children’s accounts be looked at for my Housing Benefit?

Benefits, Children, Money

My ex is not sticking to the agreement we made about when he see’s our daughter. He does not come to collect her when he should and when he does have her he does not bring her home on the time or day we arranged. I cannot depend on him for childcare and am worried, that when he does take her, he will not bring her back at all. What can I do about this?

Children, Separating

I have just moved house and used up all the money I had buying things I needed for my new home. I am now struggling to pay for everyday items like food, gas and electricity. I can’t get any more help from the council through the Scottish Welfare Fund. Can anyone else help?

Housing, Money

I share the care of my children with their mother. She is getting universal credit for them can I get it too?

Benefits, Children

I have an agreement with my ex about child maintenance payments. It has been 5 years since we made the arrangement and I think his salary now with be much more than it was then. Can we change the agreement?

Children, Money

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