Lockdown activity ideas from single parent Rachel


Rachel, one of the single parents we work with through our local service in Lanarkshire, shares some examples of fun activities she and her kids have been up to since the lockdown began.

1. Sandwich faces

We got inventive with lunches and used yummy fruit and veg to make faces and shapes with our sandwiches.

2. Indoor 'paddling pool'

We’ve had fun outside in the paddling pool.

If you don’t have a paddling pool you can just use a basin and let your child explore with cups, bowls, spoons etc., pouring from one to the other and seeing how the water flows.

3. Masking Tape City

I made a masking tape city on my son's bedroom floor.

I just made it up as I went along.

Then I used play sets we already had to make different destinations.

The kids had great fun driving their toy cars around it. It’s still going strong weeks later.

4. Salt dough handprints

You can make salt dough handprints:

> One cup flour, one cup salt and 1/2 cup water.

> Mix together and kneed into a dough.

> Roll out and imprint your child’s hand or foot into the dough.

> Bake at 180c for three hours or leave to dry out for three days.

> Then paint.

If you make a hole in the dough before baking or drying then you can thread ribbon through and hang it up. ­­

Share your own ideas, views and experiences

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