OPFS Glasgow providing extra support to parents of school-age children


The OPFS Glasgow service has received funding to provide support to single parents who have a school-age child or a child who is starting school. The Financial Inclusion team can support parents in Glasgow to maximise their income and successfully apply for everything they are entitled to when children start school.

When your child starts school there is a lot to consider, such as:

  • applying for the School Clothing Grant of £110 provided by Glasgow City Council
  • free school meals
  • if you claim income support, you might need to move to universal credit when your child starts school.

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Starting school this August?

The big news is that families of children who are starting school this August may be eligible for a £250 School Age Payment, depending on certain criteria. This can go towards items, such as:

  • school bags
  • Shoes
  • a warm coat
  • after school clubs
  • books or days out.

Together with the Pregnancy and Baby Payment (£600 for your first child, £300 for all other children) and the Early Learning Payment (£250), this makes up the Best Start Grant provided by Social Security Scotland.

OPFS are here to help single parent families during crucial periods, for example when your children start school. We can support you to claim grants to help cover extra costs and during the move onto Universal Credit.

- Anne Baldock, Financial Inclusion Programme Co-ordinator

Universal Credit

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