Single Parents Week 2024: Recognition  



The theme for this year is ‘recognition’, which allows us to recognise single parents and all they do, as well as recognising the need for wider supports and structural change to improve the lives of single parent families.

- Satwat Rehman, Chief Executive OPFS,


We’d love your help in celebrating single parents and recognition of everything that single parents achieve. Leading into the day of celebration on 21 March we will also be putting a spotlight on some issues that can make it more difficult for single parents.

We will share details of how you can be involved on this page and our social media.


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Single Parent Recognition

Single parents are often too busy juggling everything they have to do to get through each day. There’s rarely time to stop and reflect. We want to give recognition to the resilience of how tough, yet rewarding being a single parent can be.

The UK has been celebrating Single Parents Day on 21 March since 1998.

For us, celebrating single parents, challenging stigma, and pushing for fairer policy-making all go hand in hand.


Single Parents Week 

Since 2022, we decided one day simply wasn’t enough, so we put a spotlight on single parents and their families for a full week. 

In acknowledgement of the fact that there are significant inequalities facing single parents which need to be addressed if we truly want to celebrate and value single parents, we and our partners around the UK and Ireland have decide to focus on a series of themes: 

  • One Family will launch and introduce the week with a podcast discussion about the theme of Recognition, with OPFS, Gingerbread, Parenting NI and Fife Gingerbread on Friday 15 March.
  • The rest of the week will continue with #SingleParentRecognition of….
  • Financial Inequality on Monday 18 March.
  • The need for Childcare on Tuesday 19 March.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing on Wednesday 20 March.
  • Community & Connection – Connect with a cuppa’ – Celebrating and recognising everything about single parents for Single Parents Day on Thursday 21 March.

There are too many issues impacting on single parents to fit them all into one week, so we have chosen these topics because of their urgency to many of the families we support.

Connect with a cuppa

Many single parents often tell us they feel lonely. This year for single parents day we are inviting you to take some time out your day to connect with a cuppa.

We know that not many parents do not have friends and family nearby, so it’s difficult to connect face to face. Take some time to yourself out of your busy day to relax with a cuppa tea or coffee, or whatever you prefer to drink. You could arrange a time in advance to speak with a friend and have a catch-up. If you do have people you can connect with locally that you have been meaning to reach out, this could be a good excuse to reach out and arrange a date.