The Claimant Commitment


This is a contract between you and the DWP

It will include:

  • How many hours a week you have to job search
  • Any caring responsibilities you have
  • Any disabilities affecting your ability to work or jobs you can apply for.

It is also a record of tasks you must complete, called work related activity, to remain entitled to universal credit.

Work related activity depends on your circumstances and the age of your children. It includes writing a CV, obtaining skills ortraining, applying for and taking a job.

Single parents have:

  • No work-related activity if they are pregnant and within 11 weeks of the expected date of delivery or they have a child under one year
  • Work focused interviews if their youngest child is one year old
  • Work preparation (not including applying for or taking a job) if you have a child of 2 years old
  • All work-related activity (including applying for and starting work) if your youngest child is three or over.

If you have a child under 13 you can restrict the hours of work you are looking for to school hours. This should also be put into your claimant commitment so your work coach is fully aware of all restrictions you have.

Once these things are agreed you’ll sign your claimant commitment. Any changes to your claimant commitment must also be agreed with your work coach.

It is very important that you consider carefully what is included in the claimant commitment as your universal credit can be stopped if you do not follow it.

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