OPFS Glasgow – Case for Support



One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS) has written a case for support for our OPFS Glasgow service.
Included are the key issues for Councillors, MSP’s and Stakeholders.

OPFS Glasgow

OPFS Glasgow services are embedded in the local community. Our Glasgow service team all live in Glasgow, our local single parent hubs involve and support local single parents. Through our work we serve single parents who together form an important ‘community of interest.’

The papers include the:







of the work of our OPFS Glasgow service.

Why have we written this briefing?

One Parent Families Scotland is the leading charity working with single parent families in Scotland. We provide support to over 7000 single parents, children and young people each year, through locally based services and our national advice and information service.

OPFS Glasgow has been funded by Glasgow City Council for 14 years however these vital services are under threat as the council has turned down our application to the new Communities Fund. On the 3rd September the City Administration Committee agreed to a £4 million transitionary fund to support the advice sector, and other groups who had been rejected from Glasgow’s Communities Fund.

We welcome the news of transitional funding while awaiting detail from council officials on how this will affect our lifeline services for single parents. However there have been no moves by Glasgow City Council to publish how the transitional fund will support organisations that have lost out on vital funding.

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